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What is TEF Exam Canada: Preparation Tips and Exam Fees in India

14 June 2024
What is TEF Exam Canada Preparation Tips and Exam Fees in India

Have a dream to study in Canada or France or want to build a thriving career in a foreign country? If so, then you need to know about the TEF Exam, which can change your life and help you build a sound career. It is a mandatory exam for measuring French competency, and you already know that there are several benefits to learning French in Canada, as it is the official language there.
What is TEF exam Canada and how can it help you achieve your dream career? Well, let’s dive into the details about the exam and how you can prepare for it here:

What is TEF Exam Canada?

Introduced by the Paris lle-de-France Chamber of commerce and industry in the year 1998, Test d’Evalution de Francais is a mandatory exam that is conducted to measure the French competency. We already know how French language is useful in countries such as Canada, France, etc. TEF is an exam that allows both French and non-French immigrants to pursue higher education or get a job in Canada. It is even mandatory if a person goes to Canada via Express Entry. t is recognized by:

  • The French Ministry of Education
  • The Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
  • The Department of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada
  • The Swiss State Secretariat for MigrationThe Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Francisation, and Integration
  • The French Ministry of the Interior

How to Prepare for TEF Canada Exam:

If you are someone who is planning to shift to Canada or want to continue higher studies in a foreign country, then you are probably wondering TEF canada exam preparation -40? Well, first thing first, you need to understand what to study, and what is the exam pattern to get a proper insight of what you are getting into.

Important Things to Know:-

Format of the Exam:

If you are not aware of the format and syllabus of the examination, then TEF exam preparation for beginners can be a bit overwhelming. As a TEF exam candidate, you need to clear the examination with a minimum of 7 points. The exam is classified into five modules, and the questions and times of the modules are as follows:

  • Listening: in this module, the candidates need to listen to a French soundtrack and solve 60 MCQs in 40 minutes.
  • Reading: This model requires the candidate to read and solve all questions after reading the given document and answer 50 MCQs in 60 minutes.
  • Speaking: This module, the candidate’s ability to communicate is evaluated, requires the student to solve two different speaking exercises in 15 minutes.
  • Writing: This model requires the candidates to Do exercises on different topics in 60 minutes.
  • Vocabulary and Syntax: In this module, the candidate’s pronunciation and grammar skills are evaluated with 40 MCQs is to be solved in 30 minutes.

Preparing for TEF:

When it is to preparing for the French TEF Exam then, it is quite clear that it is not an easy exam to crack, and that is why you need to follow some important tips to excel in the exam:

  • You can start by practising French any time possible, as learning a new language is indeed a challenging task. The best way to learn a new language is to try it in your daily life. You can converse with the people around you, watch some French movies or shows, or listen to some French podcasts so that you can be aware of the pronunciation and learn new words every day.
  • If you’re wondering how to study French language at home, then you can start by enrolling on a program online and also practice the language by solving sample papers and going through sides that offer mock test papers. It is all about practising and going through such programs and sites. You can really build a strong vocabulary and know about the errors that you are making, preparing you for the examination.
  • One of the best ways to prepare for the examination is to go through several books that are based on the TEF examination format and syllabus. With this, you can take a few notes and get an idea of the exact type of questions that you might be asked in the examination. Some of the books that you can go through are ABC TEFAQ, Test d’évaluation de français, TEF Canada Express Guide, and more.

While preparing for the examination, it is all about setting your goal, whether you want to qualify for the test to enrol in any university or want to apply for Canadian Canadian citizenship. By doing so, you can set a goal and prepare for the examination, likewise.

Cost of TEF Exam in India:

TEF exam fees in India -140 in India may cost around an average of $440 at the time of registration. The fees may vary from one individual to another as the fees depend on the test you sign up for, the total number of papers, and the country you are selecting.

If you cancel or reschedule before the registration deadline you may be charged with a $75 non-refundable charge. There is no refund after you have registered for the examination. The TEF Canada exam fees 40 may also be higher depending on the classes or program that you are enrolling in as the charges might add up more as per the type of TEF exam you are applying for.

However, there are some reputed institutions such as French tree that offers TEF examination courses and programs staring from 15k making the preparation of affordable and offering the best possible guidance for the examinations.

A Team of Certified Trainers and Industry Experts – French Tree:

Now that you know what is TEF exam, it is time for you to get started with the preparation part. However, it can be a bit challenging as it requires the right mindset and effort, as well as going through a pile of infinite books. It can get overwhelming to prepare for the examination on your own.

How about you get expert guidance for your French TEF exam? Is it possible? Yes, with the guidance of French Tree you can definitely get the desired scored in a short time. we have a team of certified French trainers that offer you complete study material for the preparation of the exam and also help you build a strong foundation that you can crack the TEF exam on the first attempt with flying colours. With our industry relevant live online classes, you can learn French language at the convenience of your home. So, what you are waiting for get yourself registered in our French learning courses and start your journey to get high score in the TEF exam today!

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