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Difference Between TEF and TCF Canada

18 June 2024
Difference Between TEF and TCF Canada

Planning to go to France, Canada, or any other country for overseas education? If so, then you should definitely know the difference between TEF and TCF Canada. Why you must be thinking, well, there is one common thing between these countries, and that is the need to be proficient in the French language to apply to Canadian universities.

The benefits of knowing French in Canada are definitely a lot. The reason is that if you want to immigrate to Canada, then you should be proficient in French or English. If you are proficient in both, then you can definitely get better opportunities in education and career. So, what are these exams, and why are they really important to you? Well, if you are wondering about this, then let’s find out here:

Difference between TEF and TCF Canada:

What is TEF exam Canada? Should I prepare for TCF instead? Should I prepare for both? These are certainly the questions that are bombarding your mind right now. Well, let’s understand both of these tests before we get into the different parts.

If you are planning to apply for Canadian citizenship, then there are two tests that are recognized by the country: TCF (Test de Connaissance du français pour le Canada) and TEF (Test d’Evaluation du Françias). You can opt for any of these 2 to clear. If you’re planning to go to any other country, such as Québec, other than Canada, then the format and rules for both these states are different. The exam results of both examinations are valid for up to 2 years, after which you need to reapply for the exam.

Point Wise TCF and TEF Canada difference:

TEF Exam:

The TEF Exam is officially recognized for the evaluation of French language proficiency and has also been approved and accepted by the Ministère de l’Immigration team despite the Communautès Culturelles du Quèbec (MICC).

  • It is available in two versions: a computer-based exam and a paper-based exam.
  • It has a compulsory as well as optional test format.
  • The test provides a school for its section, and the total mentioned in the result is the overall result.

TCF Exam:

  • It is similar to the TEF examination and is also recognized for permanent residency by IRCC.
  • It is mandatory for people to go immediately to Quebec.
  • The individual is also required to pass the TCFQ Test to be cleared for immigration to Quebec.
  • It has a compulsory subject test format.
  • The test provides a global score that doesn’t break down the scores for each section.

TEF vs TCF Canada Test Syllabus:


In this test, the speaking and writing sections have an and B sections that are focused on evaluating communication, communication skills, the ability to express a point of view, and expressing yourself in the French language. It also consists of a listening module, a reading section, and a vocabulary and syntax section that requires the candidate to answer the multiple-choice questions.


In this exam, the listening section questions are based on video recording, and the candidate needs to answer them through MCQs. It has an optional oral exam, and the examiner may take approximately 15 minutes for the interview. In the written module, which is also optional, the candidate may require to solve three exercises from writing comprehension ranging from 120 to 180 words.

TEF and TCF Canada Registration:

Both TEF and TCF Canada tests have hundreds of centers aggregated globally, and these standards are carried out throughout the year. If you are willing to apply for the exam, you can contact any exam center after evaluating the requirements of your university. You can evaluate both exams and decide which one matches your university requirements.

Exam Process:

When we talk about the difference between TEF and TCF Canada then, both the tests have their own regulations for appearing in the exam, such as:

  • Check-in with your supervisor and bring a copy of the notification email and the government identification card to the exam center. Bringing an identity card is mandatory, and you may not be allowed to appear in the exams if you fail to produce an identification card.
  • After the verification of your document, you will be assigned a seat to appear in the exam. Make sure to keep your ID on the table for further verification.
  • Do not carry any other material, except a pen and identity card, in the examination. Also, make sure to be on the exam on time, as if the exam has started or you are late, you won’t be allowed to enter the premises under any circumstances.
  • It is advised not to indulge in any kind of fraud, misconduct, or disturbance during the exam, as you may be barred from appearing in the exam.

TEF vs TCF Canada Test: Which One to Choose?

So, which one should you choose between TEF and TCF Canada? Well, the answer is quite simple. Each test is reputable for French language proficiency, and each test has its own specific purpose and is recognized by several institutions and organizations. So, which one works for you? You can select the one depending on your personal objectives and also as per the requirements of academic immigration and any professional reason. Choose the one that aligns with their goals and requirements, as both the rest are equally valuable for French language proficiency in their respective domains.

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