Pradeep Soni

Your Expert French Language Teacher

Pradeep Soni

If Are you looking for a French language professional & expert to guide you on your learning French language journey? Look no further than Pradeep Soni, a master of the French language with a wealth of experience in French language teaching  .

Education and Qualifications Pradeep holds a Master’s degree in French Language from Jean Moulin University, Lyon 3 in France, a testament to his deep-rooted expertise. He has also earned the prestigious DELF B2 certification from Alliance Française, further solidifying his proficiency in the language.

A Decade of Teaching Excellence With over a 10 year of experience in teaching French, Pradeep Soni is not just a language enthusiast but a dedicated educator. He’s had the pleasure of shaping the language skills of countless students over the years, making him a trusted name in the field.

If you’re seeking a knowledgeable and passionate French language teacher who can take your language skills to the next level, Pradeep Soni is the ideal choice. Join him on a journey through the beauty and intricacies of the French language.