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French Language Helps to Get Job In India

27 February 2024
French Language Helps to Get Job In India

Want to prepare yourself and build a resume for a bright and thriving career? If so, then learning one of the most commonly used languages all across the globe can add to your skills. What is that language? Well, it is French, which is spoken in several countries and has become a language that can help you discover several career opportunities globally. You must be wondering how the French language is useful for you in building a strong resume. Well, the answer to that is that you can increase your employment opportunities as well as salary potential in several sectors by studying this language.

Should you go for a French language course online and learn the language- is this the question that’s bothering you? If you’re not sure whether you should learn the language or not, then here are a few career opportunities that you can explore after learning this beautiful language:

Embassy French language Jobs:

Learning French has several levels; you may be wondering about how to prepare for the Delf A2 exam or have cleared the B2 level of learning the French language. You may see a huge shift in job opportunities depending on the level. After clearing this level of French language, you can work in an embassy and get a sound salary.

Getting a job in the embassy requires you to clear another level of French, which is clearing the B2 as it is the eligibility criteria for the job. It may require a degree or diploma for the position, as well as fluency in the English and French languages. On average, the French language jobs in embassy salary are around INR 4.5 to 6 lakhs per annum for a fresher and may become more after gaining experience and expertise.

Language Training and Academic French Language Jobs in India:

If you are someone who is thinking about learning the language more deeply and clearly, the beat to the level of the French language. Then, you can explore a different realm of opportunities after French b2-level jobs in the French language. Some of these job opportunities include becoming a professor in a school or university, both internationally and nationally.

Apart from that, you can also become a language trainer by broadening your scope globally, as there are many institutes that offer exchange programs and cover the living expenses of the employee for providing language training to the institute. You can also work as a translator or an interpreter in an MNC or even prepare for the UPSC exam to become a part of Indian foreign Services to scale up salary as these positions top the chart in terms of the highest-paid French language jobs salary in India.

Freshers French language Jobs:

Now, if you are a fresher and searching for French language-related jobs, then you might be surprised to know that there are multinational companies that are eagerly waiting for you to explore the realm of opportunities. French language jobs in Delhi for freshers in any other city are plenty in sectors such as MNC, BPO, IT, KPO, call centres, and more. All you need is the ability to speak French, and this can open the doors to several job opportunities in big companies.

There are several international French brands in India, which also include some of the famous names, such as Louis Vuitton, Orange, Christian Chanel, L’Oreal, Airbus, Renault, and more. You can definitely try getting a good position in such companies, even as a fresher. The opportunities are not only limited to India; you can also apply for several positions in French-speaking countries and explore a robust career.

Tourism and Hospitality French language jobs in India:

We all know how the French language is useful for tourism in India every year. Several tourists from France visit India to explore its culture and traditions, and that plays a major role in expanding the scope of learning French in the tourism industry. Fluency in the French language can help you achieve a sound position in the tourism and hospitality sector.

With millions of French tourists visiting India every year, the need and demand for French language jobs in tourism also increases. If you are fluent enough, then you can assist the tourists by communicating with them in French and also explaining things in their native tongue. Some of the jobs in this sector include travel agent, hotel manager, tour guide, and more.

Aviation French Language Jobs:

Now, if your dream is to become a ground crew member or aviation staff member in an international or national airline, then having the ability to speak French can really give you an edge over the other candidates. It is a sector that offers quite a high French language jobs salary in India. French is a career-oriented language, and that is why you can become a crew member or aviation staff under an international airline and clear the rounds easily with the help of friends speaking ability.

If you are a person who loves flying, is ready to explore the world, and is willing to take on challenges, then going into this sector is the best you can do. You can also get a sound salary package under the contract of an international airline. For someone who is eyeing building a career in the aviation industry, learning is the way to go!

Uplift Your Career With the Expert Guidance of The French Tree:

By now, you know how the French language is useful in terms of building a strong career, as you can explore plenty of sectors and get a job both nationally and internationally. However, it is important to be fluent in the language, and that is only possible with the guidance of experts. At the French Tree, we understand the importance of learning this career-oriented language, which is why we have curated numerous French language certification courses that are designed by experts to enhance your understanding of the language.

Master all the levels of learning the French language with us with our modules that are designed as per the CEFR standards. With a dedication to offering you 100% guidance, we provide you with two-way live training courses and practical training and even offer you a personalised learning program so that you can excel in the language. Build a strong resume with us and step into a new world of job opportunities!

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