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French Class 8 CBSE/IB/IGCSE Board (2024-25)

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About Course

French tree offers a best online French language class for CBSE/IB/IGCSE Board. A complete comprehensive class 8 full course of CBSE. French course for 8 is completely online French solution with 100% qualified faculty Mr. Pradeep Soni. All CBSE NCERT books can become easier to understand after this French Classes. French language course in French tree are completely based on French subject of class 8 in which complete Grammar with theory well explained and you will get the handmade notes in lesson.

French tree is the perfect place for all those who are looking French classes near me for textbook solutions for class 8 French.

French class 8 is most important class because good marks and performance in CBSE class 8 decide whether to continue French in class 9 or not. So French tree offer similarly French model paper class 8 with solution so that a student has better command on French language in academics

What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn in more details of all your French class 8 syllabus. In which you will learn grammar topics of class 8 French as well as all the basic details that is required to have the right command to solve class 8 French.
  • More surprisingly if you have missed something in French in grade 6th or 7th you don’t need to worry about it we have covered all the topics in our all lessons.
  • How you can learn once you start learning French for class 8 with French tree you will have an opportunity freely to revise only those French lessons which are very needed to solve class 8 French so that you can easily get the right approach to learn French class 8.
  • For example
  • To do conjugation you need to have good idea about the identification of French subjects and the rules to conjugate the verb that start from grade 6th so our methodology covering first the basic approach then we will let you come down on your main topic. By this methodology definitely you won’t have any trouble in case as well you have not studied well French in early grade.
  • Bon Courage !

Material Includes

  • • 1 hour on-demand video
  • • One year access (as per academic session)
  • • Access on mobile, laptop, computer and TV
  • • Solved test papers
  • • Exercises
  • • Speaking modules
  • • Quarterly, half-yearly, annual exam Syllabus Covered
  • • Latest curriculum-based lesson


  • • French learner in CBSE/IB/IGCSE Board school
  • • Anyone wants to learn French from basic from French textbook
  • • French classes form French book class 8
  • • Who is looking best French classes
  • • Desire to have online French course
  • • Wish to study from online French for class 8-
  • • College students

Course Content

How to Read French

  • Rules to pronounce French
  • Basic Pronunciation after rules
  • pronunciation details “ph'”, “C” ,”G” , “CH”, “OI”, “GN”, “A”, “EAU”, “AI EI”.


Sample paper- Grammar

Production écrite ( writing part)

About France and its Culture

About French Monuments

Pays Francophone ( French Speaking Countries )

Fête Française ( French Festival)

Introduction of Regular Verb

Reflexive / Pronominal Verbs ( postive+ negative + interrogative) + décrivez votre Journée

quelle heure est-il ? ( time chapter) – how to see clock time in french

Introduction of Irregular Verb

Article Définin

Position of Adjective / Profession / Nationalité

Article Contraté ( au , à la , à l’. aux / du , de la , de l’ , des )
for example je parle ..................professeur ( au , à la , à l', aux )

Adjectif Possessif

Adjective Démonstratif

Adjective Interrogatives

Conjonction – parce que , mais

téléphone Number in French

Number from 1-20 and 1-100

Adverbs de Quantité

Article Partitif

Savoir ou Connaitre

Adjective to Adverbs

Grammaire de “TOUT”

Trouvez les questions ( to make a question )
si, oui , non combien de quand etc

Interrogation ( intonation , est ce que , inversion )


Négation ( ne …..pas )

Négation ( ne ……rien )…


Préposition de lieu ( pays et ville )

Passé Composé

Expression avec « avoir » , « etre », « faire » , » jouer »

Avoir mal + (au, à la , à l’, aux) + body parts

Future simple

Compératif et Superlatif

Two verbs together

Shops in France ( Magasin en France)

Passé récent

Future Proche

vocabulaire ( vocabulary)



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