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Racontez votre journee typique

Rearranging the dialogues

Répondez aux questions

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Grammar section


  • Expression de verb “faire “
  • Les adverbs de quantité
  • Grammaire de “TOUT” ( uses of tout, toute, tous , toutes
  • Adjective démonstrative ( Ce, cet, cette, ces )
  • Adjective interrogatifs  ( Quel, quelle , quels , quelles) & Exercices  
  • Les trois forme et interrogation
    1. ( method ( I) (II) (III)
  1. “si” answer with si and question with “si”
  2. Reply with oui, non


  • Réflexive/ Pronominal Verbes + Décrivez votre journée


  • Les adverbs
  1. General rule to make it from adjective to adverb
  2. Contraire de adverbe ( opposites )
  3. Position d’adverbe
  4. Exercice
  5. Répondez aux question in sentence with adverb


  • Imperative
  1. General rule with positive
  2. Imperative with exception verb
  3. Imperative in reflexive verb
  4. All in positive and in negative

What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn in more details of all your French class 8 specially organised with aiming good score in based of particularly half yearly syllabus. In which you will learn grammar topics of class 8 French as well as all the basic details that is required to have the right command to solve class 8 French.
  • More surprisingly if you have missed something in French in grade 6th or 7th you don’t need to worry about it we have covered all the topics in our all lessons.
  • How you can learn once you start learning French for class 8 with French tree you will have an opportunity freely to revise only those French lessons which are very needed to solve class 8 French so that you can easily get the right approach to learn French class 8.
  • For example
  • To do conjugation you need to have good idea about the identification of French subjects and the rules to conjugate the verb that start from grade 6th so our methodology covering first the basic approach then we will let you come down on your main topic. By this methodology definitely you won’t have any trouble in case as well you have not studied well French in early grade.
  • So get this chance to score best as possible.
  • Bon Courage !

Material Includes

  • • Course accessible till end of September 2023
  • • Access on mobile, laptop, computer and TV
  • • Solved test papers
  • • Exercises
  • • Speaking modules
  • • Only half-yearly exam Syllabus Covered
  • • Latest curriculum-based lesson


  • -Access of this course is on valid till end of September 2023
  • -one student can access one time with same login and password


  • • French learner in CBSE Board school
  • • Anyone who is pursuing half yearly exam
  • • French classes form French book class 8
  • • Who is looking best French classes
  • • Desire to have online French course
  • • Wish to study from online French for class 8
  • • Anyone who is facing trouble in French Grammar
  • • Anyone who wish to have class any time

Course Content

About France and its culture

  • French festival, vine, Food, perfumes, geographies description, Fashion industries, monuments, cheese, flag with exercises
  • French Monuments
  • Geographie Françaises


Expression de verb “FAIRE “

Adverb de Qunatité


Adjective to Adverbs

Adjective Interrogatifs ( quel, quelle , quels , quelles)

Adjectif Démonstratif ( ce, cet…..

Reflexive / Pronominal Verbs + Décrivez votre Journée

Grammaire de “TOUT”

Interrogation ( 3 forms )

Introduction of Regular Verb

Id card

Arranging Dialogue

expression with Jouer

Past tense ( passé composé )



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